Thursday, February 18, 2010

CA and accountability in the global health sector

Dear Colleagues

So now it is time to follow up some more. Two steps (1) first to send messages and (2) to get the material posted on this blog. The senior people in big organizations have got to understand that there is a community of interested people in the public who are stakeholders in the operations of the big organizations, and this group is going to be heard, and is going to be part of decision making and accountability in the future.

This is the message that was sent.
Subject: Fwd: Meeting the Demand for Results and Accountability: A Call for Action on Health Data from Eight Global Health Agencies
To:, "Ruggiero, Mrs. Ana Lucia (WDC)"

Dear Colleagues

Did you get the message below?

I have something of an issue with the proliferation of "one way communications" where important public pronouncements are made by the elite leadership of organizations, but no place for meaningful dialog. This would not matter if the "management of the planet" over the past years had been really good, but when it has been, in fact, really bad ... then this dialog becomes important.

I am particularly concerned at the lack of interest in the subject of accountability beyond a talking point at workshops and conferences and as a subject for short papers. The actual practice of accountability has been avoided by all the major organizations engaged in the official relief and development assistance (ORDA) community for a very long time ... in part because there is a lot that needs to be kept hidden, and in part because the accounting systems are not very good, and the knowledge to do results analysis and accountability is extremely limited. This is not a new problem ... it was already an issue in the 1970s and 1980s, but it does not seem to have been resolved.

I would very much like to be of help ... but messaging into cyberspace is not much good to anyone. Please would you be kind enough to let me have a contact point to take up this matter seriously.

Thanking you in anticipation

Peter Burgess
Community Analytics

Now we wait. I know the people at the top are busy, but their staff may be tasked to handle issues like this, if the leadership is serious.

We will be able to explore this in more detail as more facts emerge.

In the meantime, the CA approach to socio-economic progress and performance metrics at the community level goes on. Already interesting how little impact any of the big organizations really has at the community level ... but this should not come as much of a surprise to anyone.

Peter Burgess

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