Monday, January 31, 2011

About the month of January

Dear Colleagues

As you probably already know, I am migrating my blog activity from this blogsite to a TrueValueMetrics blogspot site.

There has not been a lot of blogging activity in large part because of my work on upgrading a website to make the TrueValueMetrics.Org database easily accessible to people interested in what we are doing.

The link to the blog is:

The TrueValueMetrics database work is located at:

The last few days have seen some very important developments in the global sphere ... first Tunisia and now Egypt.

Most of the international news commentary has been very self serving ... but the raw news is very very important to understand. There is obviously a political dimension to the revolt, but there is also an economic and social dimension that is not the subject of much comment. Egypt ... and many other countries around the world have a much bigger young educated class than at any time in the past ... and in many countries the young graduates have far too little opportunity to engage in economic activity that will build a future.

I am an enthusiast for entrepreneurial activity ... and market economics. But I would argue that the singular focus by the modern global corporate community on profit performance without much balance ... if any ... on the issue of social impact is terribly destabilizing. This is, of course, the central thesis of True Value Metrics (TVM), and it is going to be critical, in my view, that something like TVM gets embraced by forward looking corporate leaders sooner rather than later.

Stay tuned

Peter Burgess


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