Friday, March 26, 2010

Haiti and losing an opportunity

The following exchange from Facebook
Peter Burgess
The Haiti relief and rebuilding plan for the next 3 years has a projected cost of around $11.5 billion. It would be interesting to see an accounting breakdown of labor, material, equipment, overhead and profit for this money! It would also be interesting to see the associated analysis of where buying power and economic activity is created as a result of these expenditures

Jean Feldere Moise
What would you do Mr. Peter in a situation like this one. Now, if in fact developer of Burj Khalifa, and Downtown Burj Khalifa had announced the Dubai fountains will cost of AED 800 million in the USD its about 218 million. Then I have to assume that 11. 5 billion should change entirely Haitian situation in itself.

Peter Burgess
The real big performance question in respect to Haiti is how much of the $11.5 billion of activity will be paid to Haitian people for their work. If people are paid for their work ... then every single need that they have can be paid for by them ... and only a rather modest amount of money has to be mobilized to have a huge impact on the socio-economic performance of Haiti. HUGE!
The potential for making a huge impact on Haiti's future is at hand ... but the opportunity will be lost if the classic deal-making behind closed doors. But if the people of Haiti can be engaged there can be an amazing repositioning of the country for a prosperous future.

Peter Burgess

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