Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Raising money is active ... accountability is not!

Dear Colleagues

I think everyone on the planet is getting fund raising e-mails from the NGO community so that they have more money for Haiti. But hardly any of these organizations are sharing any information about the use of these funds and how these funds are contributing to the ongoing relief and rebuilding process. I have sent a lot of messages along the following lines to these organizations ... with no response at all!
Dear XXX

As a matter of basic accounting ... there are plenty of funds already in play ... but hardly any of the funds being used very well. Please may we address this matter as well as merely getting more money.

The good organizations are not doing accountability ... so how might one expect the bad organizations to be doing it.

Peter Burgess
Community Analytics (CA)
There is bit of encouragement ... not much ... but the UN has done a lot better job of compiling information about the money raised than in the past emergencies. There is no credible information about performance and the use of the funds ... but this information about money raised is a start.


Peter Burgess

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