Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Dear Colleagues

In a few days time there is going to be a conference in India on Social Performance Management as it relates to the microfinance industry. The conference is being organized by OikaCredit in cooperation with its Indian subsidiary.

I am fully in support of the idea of more "Social Performance Management" ... but am somewhat amused by the fact that there are an enormous number of "tools" to measure social performance, none of which seems to be serving the industry very well.

The following is from the tentative conference agenda:
Session 3
To demonstrate general tools available to measure Social Performance (We may select some of the tools from the following)
  • SPM Rating and Assessment
  • ACCION Social Performance tool
  • CERISE Social Performance indicators
  • FMO environmental and social risk audit
  • Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)
  • Transparency in Sustainability and Finance (TSF)
  • Quality Audit Tool (QAT)
  • USAID Social Audit Tool (SAT)
  • FINCA Client Assessment Tools (FCAT)
  • M-CRIL social Rating
  • Microsave Social Management toolkit
  • MIX Market social performance standards report
  • Micro Rate
  • GIRAFE Framework

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