Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Campaign for Community Change

Dear Colleagues

I am interested in the betterment of society ... a reasonable thing to want. But the only people that want to talk to me are people who see me as another ATM machine for them to use. Every organization I have ever contacted is now trying to get me to send them money ... and I am really not interested.

What I would like to do is to help some of these organizations use their money more effectively ... but very few are interested in this, even taking the first steps. Here is an example:
From: Deepak Bhargava, Campaign for Community Change to me

Dear Peter,

What a way to ruin the holidays.

800,000 people will lose their unemployment insurance if Congress does not pass an extension TODAY. 2 million total people will lose their benefits between now and January 1, 2011. This means unhappy holidays for families and communities everywhere.

Call Your Senator. Demand extending unemployment benefits for a full year.

These benefits are a critical lifeline for Americans and their families at the mercy of the worst job crisis since the Great Depression. This is not the time for Congress to turn its back on unemployed workers desperately looking for jobs that simply aren’t there. Unemployment stands at 9.6 percent and is in the double digits in communities of color.

Call 866-956-1737: Tell your Senator to do what’s right for workers.

Make your voice heard and tell yuor Senator to put politics aside and come together to do what’s right for Americans who’ve lost their jobs and are fighting to survive in this economy.

In solidarity,

Deepak Bhargava and the CCC Team
Campaign for Community Change

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I would like to see an organization like this partnering with TrueValueMetrics so that the work that they are doing can be "valued" and compared to what the big organizations in the corporate world are doing that wrecks "value".

I was very proud as I was growing up that fascism had been defeated ... and proud of the socio-economic progress that was being achieved post war in Europe and the United States ... and proud of progress in many aspects of civil rights. But my big disappointment has been the way in which the modern economy tries to make money and in the process "guts" society. I am proud of my education and my training as an accountant ... but disgusted that accountancy is such a power for measuring money and is irrelevant in measuring the value dimensions of society and economy with the result that big profits get made on top of value destruction in society. Wrong measurement ends up with wrong results.

I would imagine that this group could be more important for the United States than Goldman Sachs ... but nobody will ever know unless they do something like TrueValueMetrics (TVM) to measure the impact they are having on society.

Bluntly put ... good people need to wake up and do TVM type reporting so that the world starts to pay attention to people doing good rather than only paying attention to people making profit.

I am not against profit ... I just think it is only half of what should be being measured!

Peter Burgess

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