Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Solari in 2002 ... I wonder what has happened since then?

Dear Colleagues

I just "tweeted" the following on @TrueValueMetric
Solari & The Rise of the Rule of Law by Catherine Austin Fitts from 2002 is worth reading see http://www.courtskinner.com/solari/Rise.htm
This connection was sent to me by Mark Roest, a friend in California. I was interested to see the date when this was published ... 2002 ... and now curious about what has happened since then.

One of the issues that I have been concerned about for a very long time is that there is very little "system thinking" in what most people of good will are doing. A lot of effort goes into thinking about what is wrong and what might be a solution ... and then a book or report is produced ... and then rather little happens after that. The end purpose seems to be merely publishing the book or report.

Accountants ... and I am one ... come from a different mindset. There is, to be sure, the duty to product the financial reports every quarter and year ... and internally perhaps monthly ... but the real job is to have all the data organized so that these reports are easy to produce and also to help the organization get better and better results. A successful accountant is not one that simply produces the reports, but one that has the data that helps make the organization successful and getting better and better.

So my question of Catherine Austin Fitts is not so much how many people liked the report, but how much has society improved.

Sadly my perspective is that between 2002 and now (2010) the world has gone through a huge series of economic bubble busts ... housing ... financial services ... public sector finances ... jobs ... and nobody seems to be measuring anything that really matters. Success seems to be simply to get on track to build another bubble. The system and its metrics are insane.

Good news ... there is a better way! We need to use True Value Metrics to supplement regular business corporate accountancy.

Anyway ... thank you Mark for alerting me to the work being done by Catherine.

Peter Burgess

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